Master preparatory program enrollment in 2015

Project Benefits:Why Pre-Master Program?

The project is an international project between the School of International Education with foreign universities by the way of inter-school cooperation undertaken. Through cooperation and exchanges in higher education, the school try to train local culture and international vision of and innovative talent.

Time-saving:the shortest program just two years, you can get a master`s degree in abroad  universities, senior students in reading save more time,tuition, living expenses.

Master`s degree obtained a certification in Chinese Service Center for Scholarly (Ministry of Education) .

In the country ,you can lay a solid foundation for learning English and specialized courses.Then you will more easily adapt to foreign students after school life abroad.

The Partner Universities

Australian National University

Melbourne University in Australia

London Marie Queen`s University

British Royal Holloway University of London

Dell Dalhousie University in Canada

Study Plan

The first stage: one year. Studing in the School of International Education Renmin University. Obtaining a course-completion certificate of Renmin University of China after passing grade.

The second stage: one to two years. Studing in foreign universities.Obtaining a master`s degree course-completion certificate of foreign universities after passing grade.

Entry Requirements

Manpower Recruitment obtain a bachelor`s degree.Students who get a college diploma entrance examination three-year college are exempted from registration.

Senior students in reading can enter the train master study program to learn, but before applying for foreign institutions to provide the results required to obtain a bachelor`s degree and four years of college tran1111s qualified.


72,000 RMB/year

SIERUC  Course

Mathematical basis, microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, public administration, academic English (listening, speaking, reading, writing), IELTS (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and the like.


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