The master study project in 2015 enrollment

Renmin University of China International Education Institute 2+3 this study program in 2015 enrollment announcement

If you want to experience a double well-known universities;

If you want to own a wonderful time on campus before leaving country;

If you desire to walk hand in hand with a group of good people;

If you want to do a full range of post-graduate study before preparation;

Come join the School of International Education Renmin University, from where to start your journey to explore the world now!

1.About the School

The School of International Education is a conventional academic educational and culture school, and has been committed with the famous University jointly explore new channels of international cooperation.Since 2003, the college through multi-level and high-level international Education Program, met with Queen Mary University of London, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Sussex, Canada Dalhousie University, University of Melbourne, Australia, foreign institutions to establish long-term partnerships, both culture local culture and international vision of an international, creative talents, build brands of Chinese international exchanges and cooperation in higher education.

2.Partner institutions

Partner institutions and Ranking

Professional Type

Queen Mary University of London, UK

2015Times British university:37

2014-15 QS World university:98

2014-15Times British higher uinversity:107

Economics ( Economics and Management of SIERUC course may apply)

Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

2015Times British university:34

2014-15Times British higher uinversity:118

Management( Economics and Management of SIERUC course may apply)


( Economics and Management of SIERUC course may apply)

University of Sussex, UK

2014-15TimesBritish uinversity:25

2014-15014-15Times British higher uinversity:111

2014-15 QS World university:200


( Economics and Management of SIERUC course may apply)


Dalhousie University, Canada

2015 McCaw Ranking:Canada 7

( Economics and Management of SIERUC course may apply)

3.Project Benefits

Studying Straight

◎ High-end protocol universities give you more security studies

◎ Application accessibility

◎ Agreement exempt credit courses ,enormous cost savings

◎ Two popular major makes you no worry

Strengthen the basic

◎ RUC academic strengths +Teaching quality assurance

◎ Professional Learning + intensive language learning potential

Life without worry

◎ "Campus Card" in hand, around theRUC without worry

◎ Campus accommodation, quiet waiting for you to RUC

◎ All kinds of colorful,community activities,allows you to fully integrate into the campus culture

◎ Share the Renmin University of China student dormitories, libraries, classrooms, sports venues and other resources

Intimate care

◎ Daily management standardization, to solve the worries of parents

◎ Dedicated outreach services instructor apply to study abroad one-stop guide

◎ Dual Language and Culture counseling to help you quickly adapt to foreign university atmosphere

◎ Hand in CITIC Bank to study the high-end customized financial solutions

Memorable life in RUC

◎ Foster teamwork and team spirit to improve the leadership and organizational skills

◎ Feel cultural heritage and enhance their accomplishment

4.Duration arrangements

First stage: Two years.The School of International Education at the Renmin University of China, obtaining a course-completion certificate of Renmin University after passing grade.

Second stage: Two years. In foreign university ,obtaining foreign university degree course-completion certificate after passing grade.

The third stage: One to two years. In foreign university,obtaining a master`s degree course-completion certificate of foreign universities after passing grade.


Fresh, previous high school graduates and equivalent persons.

6.Entry Requirements

Entrance examination total score reaches the provinces when two admission

Or college entrance examination in English 120 points or more

Students are required to take the exam before being admitted.


Tuition 72,000 / year (Free campus accommodation).

8.Domestic programs

Economics and Management Course:

Calculus,LlinearAlgebra, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Probability and statistics, Accounting Principles, Principles of management, Economic Forms and Data Analysis, Computer Applications, Econometrics, Academic English (speaking, reading, listening, writing), IELTS (speaking, reading, listening, writing), etc.

Business Management Courses:

Business Mathematics 1,Commercial Mathematics2,Elementary Microeconomics, Macroeconomics Primary, Business Studies, Business Computer Systems, Introduction to Marketing, Chinese Culture and History, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Accounting principles, Business statistics, China`s Cconomic Policy and Market Rules, Foreign Trade, Chinese Commercial Law, Academic English (speaking, reading, listening, writing), IELTS (speaking, reading, listening, writing), etc.

9.Contact us

Tel:010-62516008  010-62516009  

010-62517700  010-62511993  


Official Website:

Official Wechat:ruc-liuxue

Adress:Zhongguancun Street 59, Beijing Haidian District, China

Renmin University of China, Huixian Building C -703 100872