Overseas life guide

the key issues of study abroad

Due to cultural differences, the students of our center may be make some mistakes when study abroad, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and trouble, it is necessary for us to understand some important information.

First , skipping classes

The cost of study abroad is a not small cost, in addition, the purpose of our study abroad is to accept foreign outstanding teaching and the education system.So, of course, we should cherish the chance to go to school abroad, avoid no reason to skip class.In addition, foreign education system for students in attendance is often very important, if the study abroad personnel attendance does not guarantee and do not change even after warning, the school may cancel the student visa, what is more disqualified from abroad.

Second, the conspicuous problems

Study of avoid by all means wealth, it makes other people think is not mature performance.In addition, the money the leakage also tend to recruit to spy on people, may even make themselves in danger.Recently, students studying abroad are frequently reported on news QQ cheated, stolen lead to family members or friends and students received the beating, kidnapping and even murder.This also is a wake-up call for us.Of course, if you can pay attention to safety, avoid dangerous places, such events can be avoided.

Three, plagiarism, and fraudulent

Integrity problem is especially prized in foreign countries.Academically abroad is very strict, so if in academic fraud will cost a lot.Dissertation not only, even the ordinary class report, course thesis to indicate the source when copied content, or contrast in the huge paper library retrieval, as long as there is a short sentence copied will be marked, zero grades, cancel the degree or expulsion.Essay writing, especially the graduation thesis is the important basis of level of student learning, plagiarism is absolutely not.

Fourth, self closed closed or small groupsPeople in the country, it is easy to fall into a lonely, meet americans, Chinese friends care for each other is inevitable.But once home in his own small circle, deliberately reduce or refuse to contact and communication with others is some do more harm than good.If so, there may be still know very little about the local culture of studying abroad for years, is more impossible to adapt to foreign cultures.