Australian National University, Australia

Australian National University, located in the Australian capital Canberra, is the only one of the Commonwealth of Australia established by the federal Congress alone legislation.The teaching and research level of the Australian National University has a high reputation in the world.Of all kinds of mainstream university rankings in the UK Thames higher education, QS World University Rankings, Newsweek, US News & World Report, the Australian Federal Government Research Council and other,Anu repeatedly been rated as the top two Australian universities, repeatedly ranked the world`s top 30, ranked the world`s top 50, is one of the academic center of the southern hemisphere.Australian National University has twice the Australian higher education quality assurance review committee for the first level university, has also been "Asia week" listed as Australia`s top multi University of education, and repeatedly ranked Australian universities ranked first.


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QS 2014-15 World University Rankings: 25

2014-15 Times higher education world university rankings: 45


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