Temple University, US

Temple University, the establishment of in 1884, located in the eastern United States, Pennsylvania, the nation`s fifth largest city, the second largest city in the east coast of Philadelphia, 150 km from New York City, 200 kilometers from Washington, DC. School is one of the nation`s most comprehensive universities, and the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University together and said "three major schools of Philadelphia", is one of the Pennsylvania "three major public university". Is one of the top twenty-seventh universities in the United States, as well as one of the top centers in the United States of america. There are business school, law school, School of medicine, School of pharmacy, School of Dentistry, 17 college degree programs, providing more than 300. Among them, the law, justice, business, international business, information systems management, risk management, insurance, painting and graphics, sculpture and other professional ranks ten in the United states.


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2:As the second largest city USA east of Philadelphia  27:Average number of students per class

110:Students come from 110 countries                150:School is 150 kilometers away from New York City

200:School is 200 kilometers from Washington, D.    266:Degree course number

2,300:International student number                 9,000:Graduate students

28,000:Undergraduate students                       286,000:Graduated students

Unique geographical position

Philadelphia, one of the most dynamic cities in the United States of America. The main campus is only 2.5 kilometers away from the city center, the public transportation to the campus is very convenient, you will experience the city to bring you all. From museums to business, medical, art, and other industries. The occupation or the number of sports teams shelter. Another advantage in the Northeast: three major cities - New York, Boston and Washington, D. c..

Harmonious innovation research atmosphere

Temple University is the world`s leading research university. The professors of the day are experts in their fields. They are committed to developing their research in the classroom and laboratory. Professors at Temple thfound through its research down a generation to impart knowledge, they make the students participating research labs, or to guide students into the field of industry, serves as the undergraduate supervisor and mentor role. In the research project, the relationship between professors and students is a cooperative relationship, the two sides to explore and innovation.

Strong discipline strength

The pursuit of a degree is the future of a student`s investment, the process of choice should be a strategic reflection. As a way to assess the investment, the ranking is very important for students. Temple University to understand this, we only charge a reasonable fee, and strive to provide students with a prestigious education. Art, business, medicine, and law of the Temple University in the United States ranked among the top in the United States for a number of years.


American University comprehensive ranking 121

Fawkes business school undergraduate business courses  56  

Taylor Art Institute of the United States   13  

Distinguished Alumni

Deng Xiaoping`s Temple University and China have deep origin, the school has in 1979 awarded Mr. Deng Xiaoping, an honorary doctorate of law is so far only awarded the Chinese leaders honours degree of University in the United States.

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