Message from President

The international cooperation in education of Renmin University adapts to the social development and innovate the system of education.In 2003,the school has cooperated with many foreign colleges and universities through multi-level cooperation project.We are aim to train the international and creative talents,creating the famous brand of Chinese high education international exchange and cooperation.

In the last 12 years,we are insist to spirit of Renmin University,perseverance and keeping pace with the times.We devote ourselves to educate the international talents,building the dream of studying abroad for 3000 students.We send many master and doctoral candidate to Cambridge ,Oxford and other famous foreign college.The students educated in our college,they can obey the rule of hard work and plain living,being efforts to be a international talents who can have new horizon of the world and know the rule of international.To realize self value and return society, give full devotion to the the great reform as a new generation of international mixed talents.

Dean of School of International Education

Jie Guo