About SIE

The School of International Education is a conventional academic school created by Renmin University of China. In February 2008, the school decided to use the name of " School of International Education Renmin University of China"and commited to explore new channels of international cooperation with the famous University .To build Chinese high-level platform for international education, training the innovative and international talents who have high knowledge both Renmin University of China and international universities.

Over the years, the school has established a long-term partnership with more than 40 foreign universities and more than 10 countries .Opening a 2 + 3 Pre-Masters, Bachelors Preparatory and a number of international education programs, bachelor`s and master`s degrees awarded by the foreign universities, whose specialty covering economic, financial, business, statistics, human resource management, international business, culture and many other hot areas. The college has trained more than 3,000 students,.Teaching quality and student management have been highly recognized by the community, students and parents. According to incomplete statistics,the students trained in Renmin University and sent to foreign university,obtaining a bachelor`s degree.There are dozens of people into the world`s top universities to continue their studies, in which 8 students entered the University of Cambridge, Oxford University to pursue a master`s degree or doctorate. Main employment after graduation returned to the government, enterprises and institutions, domestic and foreign financial institutions, universities and other institutions.