Mingde excellence program

The world is so big,starting from Renmin University.

Why choose here?

The world`s top schools step away from you.

International Education Demonstration Zone  Tring to enroll the world`s top 50-100 school

30 students in a small class  international training 365 days   Ivy League is not far away.

Universities minimum guarantee agreement  rushing to top 20 famous school

Combination of multi-level and perspective in the world`s famous school

Chinese and foreign famous school powerful docking   Touching the famous school all around world

The academic strengths of Renmin University+Chinese and foreign teachers together  

Double teaching quality assurance

Complementary course design+one to one personalized counseling  Enjoy quality learning resources

Professional learning+language strength+guide of school choose Comprehensive stimulate learning potential

AP teaching+advance courses in foreign university  Saving great cost of time and money

Feeling the cultural atmosphere in the elite school Enjoying the good time in Renmin University

Enjoying the classroom, dormitory, library, sports venues and other resources in Renmin University

Into the colorful campus culture life

Nourishing the spirit  Building the true character and state

When coming to school becomes a lifelong alumni, Renmin University of China

One-stop service of studing abroad  Realising a dream of famous school

Instant diagnostic evaluation after being in school   Senior teacher help you choosing the school

Unified organization of studing abroad   No worry about experience of studing abroad

Understanding deeply of the relevant countries to adapt to the situation in advance multiculturalism

"Rookie" foreign aid to help you get a head start

Join us,you only need:

The dream of studing in famous school

The heart of studing abroad

The point up the key line

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